Please Read.

We really appreciate your decision joining our early beta release of the service. As we mentioned that you will be granted a VIP membership.

This membership grants you access to all of our website features that are to be released until our official launch. You will not be subject to any upgrading fees in the future and your plan will remain at it's current price with 30% discount as long as your website is active with us.

As this is an early beta, you will face some bugs or issues while using our service, we ask you to be kind enough to report us these bugs and our developers will promptly work on finding a fix. Rest assured that we will always be working on fixing any issues you face and restore your website if anything goes wrong.

As a VIP member you have a free consultation service. Feel free to chat with our designers and request feedback and ask us anything about your website design. We are also happy to take a look at your website after finishing it and give you feedback to enhance it for better sales.

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